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how to clone marijuana

How to Clone Marijuana

To know how to clone marijuana, you must first understand the characteristics of the mother plant. You will not hear many growers complaining that their mother plant is terrible, but they will probably talk about its high yields, vibrant foliage, and disease resistance. This way, you will know why you should choose your mother plant, so you can use these traits to your advantage. It is also important to know the environment in which you plan to grow the clones. ny state medical marijuana card for anxiety

After making the initial cut, the cuttings should be dipped in a rooting hormone. After dipped in the hormone, place them in the rooting medium. Alternatively, if you are using an auto-cloner, you can add rooting hormone to the cuttings immediately. Before you plant the clones, you should cut the branches of the mother plant several centimeters above the node they came from. If you don’t have a razor, you can use a pair of scissors to cut the clones. Make sure to keep your blade at a 45-degree angle to the branch, as this will increase the surface area of the rooting surface and encourage quicker growth.

Before you start cloning, you must select a mother plant with high potency. It is best to grow female marijuana plants, since male clones may be weak and won’t be as profitable as female ones. Besides, flowering mother plants can produce hermaphrodites, which have both male and female organs and are less profitable. If you are fancy, you can even buy an auto-cloner. You can read more about cloning marijuana in our comprehensive guide to marijuana cloning.

To clone marijuana, you must make sure your mother plant is well-hydrated. Then, you need to prepare your media by presoaking them in water with a pH-corrected environment. For instance, you can use Rockwool-based media to clone marijuana. But be sure to soak the cubes for at least a day. Rockwool products may contain lime during the manufacturing process, which is why they are too acidic as media.

Cannabis clones need a moist environment to grow healthy. Using a plastic bag or dome to keep moisture in the cloning medium is ideal. Also, it’s important to separate the mother plant from its flowering stage. This will prevent you from cutting the mother plant and keeps it in a veg state. You should also make sure that the area is sterile, including gloves and cutting tools.

The next step in learning how to clone marijuana is to prepare the mother plant. Regardless of whether you are a novice or a pro, a clean environment is essential for success. After cutting the mother plant, the clones are more susceptible to disease than usual. Make sure you sterilize your work area so that you can prevent any unwanted bacteria. This step will also ensure that your clones are free of any damage.