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how oklahoma became marijuana state

How Did Oklahoma Become a Marijuana State?

How did Oklahoma become a marijuana state? There are a number of factors that led to the change. First of all, voters approved several marijuana legalization initiatives in 2015. These ballot measures were supported by a large number of residents and businesses, but legislators intervened when the results were mixed. Former Governor Mary Fallin put a medical marijuana legalization initiative on the June primary ballot, hoping for a lower turnout. The initiative, Question 788, was passed with a majority of voters. easy to get medical marijuana card ny

While it’s possible that Oklahoma will be the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, there are still many questions surrounding this policy. The state already has the most medical marijuana patients per capita in the nation. The state is home to seven times more marijuana growers than any other state. And while Oklahomans aren’t ready to join that league, their fellow Coloradans are getting rich in the marijuana industry.

But the state’s marijuana laws prohibit the licensing agency from restricting new licenses, meaning the number of legal marijuana businesses is constantly rising. And because of the state’s medical demand for marijuana, it has become a hub for the industry. Josh Belvins, who has a dispensary in Oklahoma, was attracted to the low cost of obtaining a license and the state’s regulatory structure. His five-person farm supplies dispensaries throughout the state, and the government has not banned the industry.

While many states have embraced marijuana as a medical treatment, Oklahoma is an exception. Patients don’t need qualifying conditions for the medical program. Instead, they simply have to pay $60 and undergo a five-minute consultation. Many people consider the Oklahoma medical marijuana program recreational and do not use it for medical reasons. Aside from these issues, Oklahoma’s marijuana law is also open to recreational use. This policy is a key element in the process of changing Oklahoma into a marijuana state.

In a way, it is a testament to the low barriers to doing business in the state. Obtaining a business license in California can cost upwards of six figures. However, in Oklahoma, the cost of obtaining a license is relatively cheap, making it a good start for many MMJ entrepreneurs. While the barriers to entry for business are low, they are not unreasonably high.

Despite the low price, the medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma is on track for a 10 percent sales mark in 2021. This growth will help increase state tax revenue. The medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma has not slowed, and the state expects to see sales that top $100 million by 2021. It is estimated that 8 percent of Oklahomans currently hold a medical marijuana card. Comparably, only 5 percent of citizens of Maine and California hold medical marijuana cards. The state’s medical marijuana laws prohibit recreational use of marijuana. However, cannabis is legal to possess and grow in Oklahoma, but it is still illegal to use it in any public place. Additionally, marijuana use is illegal on federal land and near schools.

To sell marijuana in Oklahoma, businesses must register with the state’s Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. So far, over 4,780 medical marijuana businesses have registered for licenses with the bureau. However, nearly half of them didn’t renew their licenses for a second year. Businesses are chafing at state regulators’ inconsistency. The state’s marijuana authority says it is pursuing strict compliance with new laws.