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how oklahoma became marijuana boom

How Oklahoma Becomes a Marijuana Boom

You’ve probably heard about the Oklahoma marijuana boom, but you may not be sure how it happened. In this article, we’ll discuss the state’s legal marijuana market and how it became such a boom. We’ll also explore what legal marijuana means for the state, and how the industry is affecting the local economy. Several of Oklahoma’s dispensaries opened last week. While some of the startups didn’t do as well as expected, some of them opened up in the state. proces of getting a medical marijuana card in ny

While lawmakers typically intervene once voters approve medical marijuana policies, the current Oklahoma legislature passed legislation to legalize cannabis in December. The Legislature also enacted a bill allowing counties and cities to cap the number of licenses that can be issued for marijuana cultivation. The state’s medical marijuana authority was allowed to hire 70 new employees, largely in compliance and enforcement. The state is now a hub for the growing of marijuana.

After a number of unsuccessful legalization efforts, Oklahoma voters finally voted to legalize marijuana. The referendum had about sixty percent support in early polls. But Republican Gov. Mary Fallin, her cabinet, and her entire congressional delegation were opposed to the idea. The police, major religious groups, the Oklahoma State Medical Association, and most of the business community remained steadfastly opposed to the initiative. As a result, Oklahoma became a marijuana-friendly state in only a few years.

The legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma was a unique opportunity in 2018. The state’s medical marijuana backers managed to gather enough signatures to bypass the conservative legislature, allowing the legalization of medical marijuana to occur. Unlike Arkansas, licensing fees in Oklahoma are low compared to their counterparts: the application fee for a business license is $2,500. The state’s relatively low barriers have made Oklahoma a hub for many small businesses, and the business climate is ideal for legalization.

Another factor that helped Oklahoma’s marijuana market become so successful is the low cost of entry. Unlike Arkansas, where a license to start a marijuana-growing business can cost upwards of $1 million, Oklahoma’s license fee is only $2,500. And unlike in Arkansas, there are no restrictions on the number of dispensaries and farms. The state has been tough on crime, which has helped attract weed entrepreneurs from all over the country.

Legalization in Oklahoma has spurred the development of the marijuana industry. After a voter-approved medical marijuana law in 2018, marijuana grows are becoming more common. The number of licensed marijuana growers has risen to more than 8,000. Adam Miller, head grower of Iris Farms near Stillwater, is responsible for growing around 5,000 plants. The electric bill is upwards of $3,000 a month. But the water bill is low because Miller grows his plants indoors.