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how often do you water marijuana plants

How Often Do You Water Marijuana Plants?

The first step in growing marijuana is understanding how much to water your plants. The correct amount is usually 20 to 30% extra runoff water every time you water your cannabis plants. When watering your plants, wait until the top inch of growing medium feels dry, or until the first knuckle is dry. If the leaves are yellow, over-watering has taken place. If you notice this, you should stop and check the moisture levels of your marijuana plants. get a medical marijuana card ny

In general, a marijuana plant needs at least two to three days of water. However, this amount can vary based on several factors, including the stage of growth, soil type, and temperature. Marijuana plants need water every two to three days, depending on the stage of their growth. For the first couple of weeks after transplanting your seedlings, you should water your marijuana plants about once every other day or every two days.

The amount of water you give your plants will vary, and you should be sure to follow the instructions for your specific soil type. Several grow media have different characteristics, and one type is better than the other. Clay retains water well and sand is ideal for this. Sand drains water quickly, while cannabis needs a loose, porous soil with good drainage. A good way to ensure the right drainage is to drill holes in the bottom of the pot, so that the excess moisture can be easily drained.