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how much marijuana can you drive with in california

How Much Marijuana Can You Drive With in California?

If you’re wondering how much marijuana can you drive with in California, you’re not alone. There are strict regulations for this, too. California law prohibits the possession of more than two8.5 grams of flower or eight grams of concentrate. Exceeding these limits can land you in trouble. If you have more than the legal limit, you’ll need to find a way to hide it, or else you’ll be hit with a hefty fine and jail time. ny state medical marijuana card online

While other states have set numerical limits for how much marijuana a driver can have, California doesn’t. It’s illegal to drive while intoxicated with any drug, including cannabis. This doesn’t affect people with medical marijuana cards. However, it will affect those who do not have a medical marijuana card. If you’re caught driving while high on marijuana, you may need to get a taxi or a cab.

Although recreational use of cannabis is legal in California, you can’t consume it in public. In fact, it’s illegal to smoke or vape cannabis anywhere you’re near children, and it’s also illegal to smoke weed in a vehicle when children are present. Additionally, the federal government has laws against driving while high on cannabis. The same goes for carrying it across state lines.

Studies have shown that the concentration of THC in the blood has a direct relationship with impaired driving. After consuming marijuana, the risk of a motor vehicle crash increases and the chances of death increase. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that drivers who have consumed marijuana before driving are twice as likely to crash than those who are sober. And if you can’t avoid it, don’t drive.