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how many states is marijuana legal in recreational

How Many States Are Marijuana Legal in Recreational Use?

How many states are marijuana legal in recreational use? Colorado and Washington both passed laws that make it legal for adults to use marijuana for recreational purposes. Washington’s Governor said he regretted not legalizing it sooner. As of now, recreational weed is legal in Washington, though residents cannot grow it themselves without a medical license. There are dozens of dispensaries in the state, and more than half of the tax revenue goes to public health programs. how to get marijuana card in ny

In 2017, Colorado became the third state to legalize recreational use of cannabis. Several states followed suit and made it legal for adults to possess and use marijuana for recreational purposes. Until this date, marijuana cultivation is still illegal, even in states that have legalized it for medical purposes. For these reasons, home growing remains illegal, but recreational marijuana laws allow adults to possess up to one ounce and grow up to six plants. Marijuana is still illegal to consume in public.

In addition to legalization, marijuana is still illegal in South Dakota. Last November, voters approved Amendment A, but Governor Kristi Noem fought the law. In July, South Dakota sanctioned medical marijuana. The legalization process continues. In the meantime, weed tourism is booming in Colorado. In Colorado, adults are allowed to possess up to six plants for personal use. In Colorado, the law prohibits smoking marijuana anywhere in the state, except in national parks. Many counties have rules about smoking, and most dispensaries do not accept credit cards.

In addition to Colorado, New Mexico is the next state to make marijuana legal for recreational use. The Cannabis Regulation Act is scheduled to go into effect on June 29. Adults over 21 will be able to purchase up to two ounces of cannabis flower and 16 grams of extracts for personal use. There is also a limit of six mature plants per adult. Retail sales of marijuana will begin in New Mexico in April 2022.

Despite the fact that marijuana is illegal federally, it is legal in Nevada. Residents can possess up to six plants in their homes and possess up to one ounce of marijuana or concentrated cannabis. It is still illegal to consume marijuana in public, and it is not permitted to drive while using marijuana. However, the state’s laws are less stringent for visitors than in other states. And it remains illegal for individuals to consume marijuana in public.

Michigan has legalized marijuana for recreational use. The state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency is now accepting retail license applications. Marijuana can be purchased at licensed retail outlets or provisioning centers. Unlike the medical program, recreational users must be over 21 years of age to purchase it. Most states have set a limit on how much marijuana can be sold in dispensaries, and the amount can vary by state.

Colorado is another state where marijuana is illegal for recreational use. Colorado’s governor vetoed a bill that would have made it legal in the state. In addition, the state’s Supreme Court has thrown out a ballot initiative for legalization in 2022. In the meantime, legalization in Colorado may happen sooner. So far, a majority of its voters support it. And, even though some conservatives are against marijuana, the state’s political leaders are backing the movement with their votes.