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how many people use marijuana

How Many People Use Marijuana?

Statistics on how many people use marijuana are often sketchy, inconsistent, and often incomplete. Some studies categorize marijuana use by state, while others lump all illicit drug use together. The CDC is the most recent organization to measure marijuana use. However, the CDC’s study of marijuana use is problematic because the question of whether or not a person uses marijuana varies widely by state. It’s impossible to know how much marijuana is being consumed without taking a survey and identifying the demographic characteristics of people who use the drug. if i have a ny medical marijuana card can i use it in a different state

The number of marijuana users in the United States has continued to rise since the 1970s, and one in eight American adults used the drug regularly or occasionally in 2009. According to the World Drug Report, an estimated 188 million people worldwide use the substance on a regular basis. The drug is used in an increasing number of ways, and among these is for medical, spiritual, and cultural purposes. The most commonly used drug in the world is marijuana.

The Center for Substance Abuse Research was established in January 2008 at the University of Maryland. The study, by Bovassco and colleagues, found that patients admitted to hospitals resulting from marijuana use experienced a three-fold increase in symptoms. Moreover, nearly one third of marijuana-related emergency room visits was related to severe medical conditions. That means that there were two to three marijuana-related emergency room visits every day. These new medical marijuana patients are adding stress to an already overloaded healthcare system.