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how many people died from marijuana

How Many People Died From Marijuana?

If you’ve been thinking about the question “how many people died from marijuana?”, you’re not alone. Marijuana has been linked to fatalities in some studies, but there are other factors to consider. While marijuana is not addictive, it can inhibit decision-making, which can lead to fatal consequences. That’s why Dr. Ryan Vandrey, an expert in the behavioral effects of marijuana, suggests that you take caution when using it. medical marijuana ny card online

As of 2020, the number of people who died from marijuana use in England and Wales has increased. In fact, it is now the largest number in 25 years. In 2011, the number of cannabis-related deaths was the lowest, but has consistently risen above 20 since then. In contrast, the number of deaths from alcohol is rising. A study in Sweden showed that heavy marijuana users had double the risk of developing lung cancer. Still, these results are far from definitive.

Some experts believe that despite its alleged deadly effects, marijuana does not directly cause death. While the drug may have contributed to death in some cases, it is never the primary cause. New evidence regarding marijuana’s lethality is unlikely to emerge anytime soon, as it is becoming increasingly popular. Researchers may soon follow regular marijuana users into old age to see if they’re at a higher risk than those who smoke alcohol and tobacco. However, these risks are unlikely to reach the level of a fatal overdose.

Although a recent report says that heavy use of marijuana is linked to an increased risk of pericarditis – inflammation of the heart – and some genetic factors, it’s important to note that cannabis is not a sole cause. The research also highlights the need to avoid marijuana if you’re in a high-risk group. This way, you can reduce your risk of suffering from a heart attack and protect your loved ones.