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how long does marijuana take to grow

How Long Does Marijuana Take to Grow?

If you’re wondering how long does marijuana take to grow, you’re not alone. Most people aren’t sure either. It all depends on what kind of seed you use and what type of strain you choose. Autoflowering plants grow much faster than feminized ones. Stronger lights promote faster growth than weaker ones. And the environmental and external factors can all interfere with the process. Indoor growers typically leave their plants in the vegetative phase for about two to three weeks. They then switch to a 12/12 light schedule to induce flowering. It will vary from plant to plant, but it’s generally six to eight weeks for feminized strains. how to get ny medical marijuana card

Indica and sativa strains have different flowering times. Sativa plants need fewer days in the vegetative stage but take ten to twelve weeks to finish flowering. Indoor growers usually stick with indica strains, but if you’re growing marijuana in a greenhouse, you might want to consider growing pure sativa strains. This will ensure a much faster growing time and higher yields.

Cannabis plants usually grow just a few inches tall when started indoors, but the longer you wait, the larger your crop will be. The perfect growing temperature for marijuana is between seventy-five and eighty degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures may vary a few degrees throughout the day and 62-68 degrees at night. Temperatures between these two extremes will slow down the growth and development of your plants.

If you’re growing marijuana for medicinal purposes, you might want to start by germinating seeds. This is when they sprout and send their first set of “real” leaves. However, if you’re growing for recreational use, you’ll have to wait much longer. You can also start germination by taking a cutting of a mature plant from a seed bank. If you’re growing for recreational use, the whole process can take as long as 15 days – so you’ll want to be patient.

After a cannabis plant has finished its vegetative stage, it will move onto flowering. The flowering stage is typically achieved within eight to nine weeks, though some strains can take longer. Outside, flowering happens as summer turns to fall. Indoors, growers can trigger flowering by decreasing light hours. Female cannabis plants will produce pre-flowers, the beginnings of buds. And if you decide to grow marijuana in a greenhouse, this may take much longer.

Indoor growers usually plant seeds in a pot and place them under artificial light. In this way, they skip the seed germination phase. The resulting seedlings or clones are ready to be transplanted to larger containers. During this time, growers train their plants and increase their yields. The result is a high-yield plant that grows into a full plant. When you plant is ready for harvest, it will have started its flowering phase.

When indoor growers switch to a 12/12 light cycle, their plants will require less nitrogen and more phosphorus and potassium. In about seven to ten days, female marijuana plants reveal their sex. In this stage, white hairs will appear on the nodes, which are pistils. If you have a female plant, you may decide to plant it in a male – the process is the same.