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how long does marijuana stay in your urine

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Urine?

If you’re wondering, “How long does marijuana stay in your urine?”, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s an answer for this question and many more! First, you’ll need to know what marijuana looks like in the urine. To find out, urination is a very convenient way to test marijuana’s presence. It’s also much cheaper than hair tests. Once you’ve finished urinating, simply seal the urine cup with a lid. Your urine and blood will reveal whether or not you’ve been smoking marijuana. applying for a medical marijuana card in ny

If you smoke cannabis a few times per week, THC remains in your urine for at least eight days. For chronic users, the time is longer. Heavy users of the drug can be tested up to a month after smoking, while infrequent users can go anywhere from three to five days. Heavy users, however, can still fail a urine test for up to 18 days after their last weed session. That’s because marijuana is metabolized into THC-COOH, which binds to body fat cells.

How long does marijuana stay in your urine depends on several factors. Your metabolism and the amount of marijuana you eat will determine how long it will stay in your body. Cannabis breaks down into metabolites called ketone bodies and esters. These metabolites stay in your body much longer than THC itself. For this reason, many marijuana users try to eliminate the substance from their bodies before an employment drug test. Using cleanses or diuretic teas is one way to flush your system before a drug test.

To increase your odds of passing a drug test, exercise regularly. Exercise breaks down fat cells that hold THC and increases the amount of time it stays in your body. Exercising in the weeks prior to the test is highly recommended. But avoid exercising too hard 24 hours before the test because excessive water will dilute your urine and make the results unreliable. Then, drink plenty of water. Your body will have enough time to detox.

Depending on your body’s metabolism and frequency of consumption, marijuana will likely stay in your urine for up to 30 days. Heavy marijuana users may stay in their bodies for 45 or 77 days. However, those who use cannabis more than once per week may be detected for up to 30 days. Depending on how much cannabis you ingest, your urine will show traces of THC up to a month.

Although there are no exact figures for how long marijuana stays in your urine, you can get an idea of how long you’ve been using the drug by analyzing your hair follicles or saliva. In case you’re an intermittent user, you should do a three-day detox period before taking a urine test. For continuous users, however, it’s essential that you avoid marijuana for at least 90 days to be drug-free.