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how long does marijuana stay in your pee

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Pee?

You may have been asking yourself, how long does marijuana stay in your pee? If you’re a casual weed user, traces of the drug will leave your system after thirty to sixty hours, but if you smoke it daily, your pee will contain traces for up to three months. Likewise, if you ingest marijuana through oral consumption, it will remain in your system for anywhere from one to five days. If you are taking a drug test, it’s important to know exactly how long marijuana stays in your urine. medical marijuana ny card online

The amount of Delta-9 THC that exits your system is highly dependent on how hydrated you are. The more fluids your body processes, the quicker the metabolites exit your body. Drinking a lot of water before a weed test can dilute your urine and make the sample useless. Ideally, you should be reasonably hydrated. Otherwise, you could end up diluted in your urine sample and have to take another test.

THC can be detected in the urine for up to thirty days after consumption. This is because it is a lipid-soluble drug, so it will accumulate in fat cells and be excreted slowly through the urine. It is possible for THC to remain in the urine for longer when the dose is higher. Increasing your metabolic rate is another way to increase the amount of time marijuana stays in your pee.

While cannabis is illegal under federal law, it may still cause a false positive on a drug test. The amount and frequency of use will determine how long cannabis remains in the urine. To be clear, the length of time that THC stays in your urine will depend on your body type, how much you consume and the frequency of use. This means that marijuana will not be completely eliminated from your system until you have completely passed the drug test.

Another way to know if marijuana stays in your pee is to get a hair test. While hair test detection is limited, it will detect the substance even after a long time. In addition, if you’re a regular weed smoker, the drug will likely remain in your pee for up to three years. If your hair test shows high levels of weed, it might take an extra month or so for you to pass the drug test.

You can take an herbal tea supplement to help clean your urine, which will keep you regular. Also, try drinking a detox drink. These drinks can help flush your system the same day, and will leave you clean for up to four to six hours. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Even if you feel better after using weed, you should take steps to detoxify yourself. If you’re concerned about being detected, consult a doctor and see how much cannabis remains in your urine.