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how long does marijuana stay in your blood reddit

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Blood?

When it comes to testing for marijuana, you have probably wondered how long does marijuana stay in your blood. The answer depends on the type of drug you smoked and the frequency of use. In some cases, marijuana can stay in your bloodstream for a month or more, but the duration will vary with your body weight, activity level, and cleaning your body. Read on to find out the facts about marijuana and how long it stays in your blood. ny medical marijuana card online reviews

Generally, marijuana stays in the blood for about two hours after consumption. It then spreads throughout your body organs and the bloodstream. The THC in marijuana then becomes metabolized and excreted in the urine. But if you are a heavy user, you’ll be able to accumulate THC faster than you can release it, which can cause you to test positive for weeks or months after the last use.

The amount of time marijuana stays in your blood is dependent on several factors, including your age, body mass, and metabolism. Regular users may not experience symptoms for weeks or months, but they can still produce metabolites of THC months after use. Urine tests are often preferred by employers, probation officers, and parents to check for marijuana use. The tests also allow you to track how much cannabis is in your system.

The concentration of THC in marijuana affects the length of time it stays in your bloodstream. The higher the amount of THC, the longer it will remain in the system. Moreover, the amount of THC metabolites you consume will have an impact on how long the drug stays in your blood. The amount of THC in your blood will also depend on how much you exercise daily. The higher the level, the longer you can expect to remain detectable.

If you use marijuana, your urine will contain THC, and it will be found in your urine as well. However, the time frame in which you will be tested depends on the type of test and your body type. Some drugs can stay in your body up to 30 days in the urine, so you must know what type of test you are taking and the duration. For example, if you smoke marijuana, your urine will contain THC for about five hours after you consume it.

Apart from avoiding food containing marijuana, you should also drink plenty of water. Water is important for detoxification, and the liver needs sufficient fluids to carry out its function. It is recommended that you drink 12 glasses of water daily, or try other non-alcoholic beverages with low-calorie content. If you are worried about the test, you should consider abstaining for a week to see if you can get a clean result.

It is important to note that edible cannabis products can remain in your system for up to 12 days. The amount of marijuana and how often you ingest it can affect the length of time marijuana remains in your system. The length of time it stays in your blood depends on the type of product that you ate, your body type, and the strain of cannabis that you smoked. A single dose of edible marijuana can remain in your body for up to three to 12 days, depending on how much you eat.