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how long does marijuana stay in system

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in System?

The length of time that marijuana remains detectable in the body is dependent on many factors, including the method of consumption, how much marijuana was consumed and the type of test used. If you are a heavy marijuana user, you can expect withdrawal symptoms to begin 24 to 72 hours after your last use, peaking during the first week and lasting about one to two weeks. Some people experience sleep disturbances, weird dreams and agitation for two months after their last use. medical marijuana card apply ny

According to research, traces of cannabis remain in the urine for three to seven days in occasional cannabis users, but up to 29 days in chronic heavy users. The metabolites of the drug, which are present in the urine, stay in the bloodstream longer. The urine test can detect cannabis for up to two days, but the drug is detected for longer if the user is obese or has higher BMI. Furthermore, users who exercise excessively before a drug test can increase their chances of being detected. Furthermore, second-hand smoke from cannabis is also a risk factor for false positives.

One way to decrease the amount of time that cannabis stays in the bloodstream is to exercise regularly. While drinking lots of water helps flush out excess metabolites, marijuana remains in the body for longer periods of time than a non-drug user. In addition to water, marijuana users should eat a healthy diet and get plenty of rest. The longer the body is under stress, the higher the chances of testing positive.

While smoking marijuana can have lasting effects, ingested marijuana can take hours to clear the system. Marijuana, which is often consumed by mouth, is broken down slowly in the intestines and stomach. Therefore, marijuana has a half-life, meaning that it takes about five to eight hours for half of the marijuana to be eliminated from the body. If you smoke or consume cannabis frequently, the length of time the drug stays in the body is five to thirteen days.

Various studies have determined that the amount of THC and its metabolites remain in the body even after the drug has worn off. In fact, the length of time that THC stays in the blood depends largely on the amount of marijuana consumed and the metabolic rate of the individual. After marijuana is consumed, THC is broken down into several by-products that are stored in the body fat, brain, and heart.

There are several ways to detect THC. Hair follicles are commonly used for this purpose. Hair follicles are removed from the body and sent to a laboratory for analysis. While hair tests are not reliable in detecting a high-level of marijuana, they are often used to monitor a heavy marijuana user. Thousands of people in the UK need drug testing to work, and there are various methods to treat cannabis abuse.