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how long does marijuana stay in breast milk for

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Breast Milk For?

Although cannabis can be found in breast milk for days, the length of time it stays there varies from woman to woman. A 2016 study showed that THC, along with other cannabinoids, was found in 34 of 54 breast milk samples. Though the estimated daily dose for an infant is low, it may still be enough to cause harm. According to the study, THC can remain in breast milk for up to six days. medical marijuana card for prescription in binghamton ny

Experts have expressed concern over the potential negative effects of cannabis on an infant’s brain and development. For the study, researchers measured the level of THC in breast milk and in infant blood. This result confirmed the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics to abstain from marijuana during pregnancy. The findings indicate that moms should avoid cannabis completely while breastfeeding. And for the mothers, the pump and dump method may not be an ideal option.

While the study did not include a control group, there is still some uncertainty about the effect of THC on infant health. However, one thing is certain: breast milk can contain the drug THC for a week after breast-feeding. However, this is still unknown because only few studies have investigated the effects of THC on the developing baby. Until more studies are done, it’s important for parents to be aware of the possibility that THC is present in breast milk.

While the study found THC in breast milk of 50 marijuana users, researchers are not able to say whether the trace amounts of THC are safe for newborns. Still, the study raises many questions for parents who use marijuana, and some may consider it a healthier alternative to alcohol. More research is needed to answer these questions and reveal if there are long-term risks to mixing marijuana with breast milk. And while marijuana is still illegal, breastfeeding mothers should consider the risks to their babies.

While the risks of cannabis use are not fully known, prominent medical organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend that breastfeeding mothers refrain from using the drug during pregnancy and lactation. In addition to this, the American Medical Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have also warned that cannabis use is linked to long-term neurobehavioral effects.

However, the study also found that THC levels in breast milk can vary. In the same study, researchers found that THC concentrations were detectable in 34 samples, and five of the 54 samples contained cannabidiol. From these results, they calculated the THC amounts that infants would be exposed to, taking into account factors like frequency and amount of milk ingested. In their analysis, the researchers estimated that a hypothetical three-month-old weighing 13 pounds and consuming approximately 0.1 micrograms of THC per milliliter of breast milk would be safe for a baby.

Studies suggest that marijuana is detectable in breast milk for weeks. According to the study, the half-life of THC in breast milk is 17 days and can remain for over six weeks, so marijuana abstinence is vital for safe breastfeeding. The findings are supported by other scientific studies and have led to the recommendation of abstinence from marijuana for breastfeeding women. The risks of THC for infants may include respiratory problems, middle ear conditions, and SIDS.