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how long does marijuana stay in blood reddit

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Blood?

Many people wonder how long does marijuana stay in your system. The answer depends on the strain and strength of your cannabis. If you only smoke a couple of joints a week, the effects will last one to five days. If you smoke every day, however, the effects will last up to 30 days or more. If you’re unsure about your exact results, you can use this guide to help you decide whether marijuana is right for you. application for medical marijuana card ny

The first step in determining whether you can pass a drug test is to get a urine test. The standard THC-COOH concentration in the blood is 50ng/mL. This level is not detectable five hours after use, but can build up over time if you are a heavy user. For reference, one study found that even after ten days, a heavy user of marijuana still had detectable THC-COOH levels.

Dabs are another option for consuming cannabis. These contain concentrated doses of THC, which may stay in the bloodstream for as long as four weeks. Those who smoke dabs, however, should consider the time it takes to get the effects. For some, the effects are instantaneous, but others may experience severe withdrawal symptoms after smoking dabs.

The quantity and frequency of dabs will determine the length of time marijuana remains detectable. Those who consume more marijuana will experience longer detectability than those who only smoke dabs once a week. The amount of THC metabolites in the blood will also depend on your overall health. A regular dabber will be more likely to have a higher THC level than someone who smokes less often. The metabolism will also affect the time of dabs leaving the blood stream.

Depending on the source of the drug, the detection window varies from 24 hours to up to 30 days. But the best way to determine if you’re currently using marijuana is to get a hair test. Hair testing can reveal the presence of THC more than ninety days after you’ve last used the drug. The detection window for marijuana depends on the source of the drug, the amount used, and many other factors.

While the time frame depends on the type and amount of cannabis, the drug will stay in your bloodstream for about nine minutes if you smoke it. The minimum limit for detection is 0.5 nanograms. The duration of marijuana use depends on the amount and type of cannabis smoked, the frequency of consumption, and the strength of the drug. The minimum amount of cannabis in the blood will stay in the system for up to 12 hours, while frequent use can last up to ten days. If you smoke marijuana only occasionally, the drug will remain in your bloodstream for one to three days, but you should still be cautious.

In addition to weight, the method of consumption, and the concentration of THC in marijuana affect the reliability of the results. Some people take longer to metabolize THC, while others have shorter-lasting effects. Other factors include the amount of THC consumed, whether it is in a single dose or in multiple doses, and whether you drink plenty of water after consuming marijuana. To determine how long marijuana stays in the blood, contact your physician or enroll in a medical marijuana detox program. There are many options for treating marijuana addiction in the Las Vegas area, including medical marijuana detox and rehab facilities.