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how long does it take marijuana to grow

How Long Does It Take Marijuana To Grow?

If you are new to growing marijuana, it may seem overwhelming to know how long it takes a plant to reach the flowering stage. However, knowing what influences the speed of a cannabis plant’s growth is essential. The right conditions and fertilizers will go a long way in setting up a successful grow. A simple tip to help your cannabis plant grow quickly is to choose autoflowering strains, which require half the light time of photoperiod varieties. cost of a medical marijuana card ny

The flowering stage occurs when the plants start to produce buds. For most strains, flowering takes eight to ten weeks, but there are some that are bred to flower quickly. Auto-flowering marijuana plants, for instance, can be harvested in just eight weeks from seed. In general, longer-flowering strains yield higher yields, while short-flowering ones produce lower yields. This is because the flowering period is the most important stage of the marijuana growth cycle.

If you don’t have access to a seed bank, you can try ordering clones instead. Seeds can take up to two weeks to arrive, depending on the mail service and shipping speed. In the Netherlands, most commercial cannabis is grown from clones. However, you can skip the waiting phase altogether by purchasing seeds and growing them yourself. These seeds can be purchased online, but shipping time will depend on the type of seed you purchase and the speed of delivery. Then, once you have a seedling, you can grow another plant in a matter of days or weeks.

Outdoor plants will flower when the light changes. Sativas, on the other hand, tend to take longer to grow. Depending on the genetics of the strains, they can reach 20 feet in height and are usually taller than Indicas. In general, the longer a cannabis plant grows, the more potent the buds will be. But be warned that you’ll also hurt the yield by opting for autoflowering.

During the vegetative stage, cannabis seedlings need to receive 18 to twenty-four hours of light each day. Their soil needs to be moist but not too wet. During this time, you can top and train the plant to shape its appearance. Cannabis seedlings should be green and have vibrant foliage. Then they’re ready for flowering! And the longer they grow, the more time they’ll need to wait before they can harvest.

Cannabis seeds usually begin sprouting at about five to seven days after germination. The vegetative stage lasts for about 10 to fifteen days. If you’re growing indoors, you can start flowering from the fourth week of the vegetative stage, although your plants will be smaller than if they start flowering at a later date. Increasing the time for vegetative stage will lead to larger plants with more yield.

Cannabis buds usually need at least two weeks of curing to become edible. In a perfect world, the process will take about three to four months, although it may take longer for feminized varieties. Curing also allows the buds to develop a full bouquet of aroma. It’s crucial to let your buds dry slowly to prevent mold growth. Then, the plant needs a month or two for curing.