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how long does it take for a marijuana plant to grow

How Long Does It Take For A Marijuana Plant To Grow?

Cannabis plants start to sprout after 24-72 hours, although extreme cases require up to 15 days. The ideal growing conditions are 21-24oC, with proper humidity. The vegetative growth stage begins once the plant sprouts and is called the “green” stage. Once this stage is complete, the marijuana plant begins to flower. During this phase, the cannabis plant grows in height, yield, and potency. how to apply for medical marijuana card ny

During this stage, the plant needs more light than usual. It needs 18 hours of light to grow, and six hours of darkness. The perfect balance of light and dark is critical for the growth phase, which is essential for photosynthesis and exchange of essential elements in the plant’s metabolism. The plant will reach its full size and shape at the end of this phase. The next step in the growth process is flowering, which can last anywhere from eight to ten weeks.

After flowering, marijuana plants continue to grow. The number of nodes between two branches on the main stalk determines the type of cannabis. For instance, Sativa plants tend to have more nodes, but less space between them. Eventually, their branches will develop secondary nodes as well. Likewise, Indica plants are short and lanky. If you’re interested in a medical marijuana plant, you’ll want to consider a strain with autoflowering characteristics. These strains can be grown quickly, taking less than half the time of traditional photoperiod strains.

The third week is the critical time to harvest marijuana. Buds are formed on plant nodes and start to curl inward. In week four to five weeks, the marijuana plant will stop growing and begin developing the aroma and psychoactive components. During this time, trichomes will start to darken and turn from clear to amber. Once this stage has passed, the cannabis plant should be ready for harvest.

Once seeds germinate, they need to be protected from light and moisture. A few cannabis seeds may float in a cup of water, but should not be put in a plastic bag, as it could trap moisture. It should also be labeled with the strain name and sex of the plant you intend to grow. Seeds will usually sprout within a week, although it may take longer for some seeds. Once they sprout, they can grow up to five feet tall and have a two to three-foot wingspan.

Cannabis plants take about seven to 10 weeks to reach flowering. Indica and sativa strains take longer than indicas. Despite these differences, the main factor affecting the length of the flowering stage is the type of cannabis strain you’re growing. Indicas, for example, take a longer time than indicas, while hybrids typically take less than seven weeks.

Cannabis plants can be male or female or hermaphrodites. If you’re planning to grow marijuana outdoors, you should only allow female plants to grow, as males will pollinate and produce buds. For flowering to occur, cannabis plants need twelve hours of light and darkness. During the flowering period, they reveal their gender. To make cannabis plants flower, you must move them outdoors by the summer solstice (mid-summer). Once they’re outside, they need to absorb all of the necessary sunlight for photosynthetic activity.