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how long does a marijuana plant take to grow

How Long Does a Marijuana Plant Take to Grow?

Before you plant your seeds, you should know what they look like. Cannabis seeds are brown with stripes on them. They feel hard to touch, and they will be very weak if they are not fully developed. These seeds will not produce a healthy marijuana plant. In order to determine the correct maturity stage for your seed, you can try germination by placing them in a cup of water. Once they have soaked up water, they will sprout and grow. is my medical marijuana card legal in ny

The vegetation phase of a marijuana plant is a time of growth that is critical for harvesting marijuana. During this phase, the plant will grow taller and thicker, developing new nodes, more leaves, and branches. In three to six weeks, you can expect your cannabis plant to grow from an 8-inch baby plant to a 2 or 3-foot tall tree. The speed of plant growth is determined by how well the leaves collect sunlight and convert it into chemical energy. Marijuana plants require long summer days of sunlight and at least 18 hours of fluorescent lighting daily.

Marijuana plants should be kept in a climate-controlled environment with temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21 and 24 degrees Celcius. Cannabis plants require at least 16 hours of sunlight each day. In a greenhouse, they will grow taller and produce more leaves and branches. The length of the vegetative stage depends on how many seeds you have. For instance, if you have multiple plants, you should consider starting them from seedling stage and relocating them to a larger pot when they are about two inches tall.