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how long do marijuana seeds last

How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last?

Once you have decided to grow your own pot plants, you may be wondering how long do marijuana seeds last. Luckily, there is an easy way to keep them safe from the elements. Simply keep the seeds in a dark, dry spot with a temperature that does not exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity level of the area you store the seeds in is also critical. Seeds germinate at a certain rate if the relative humidity is below 30%. where to get a medical marijuana card in ny

The best place to store your cannabis seeds is in a cool, dark, non-porous container. They should be stored away from light in an area without excessive humidity. While vacuum sealing is ideal, you can also use a dark paper envelope. You will want to keep your seeds in a place that is as dark as possible so that they don’t lose their potency. If you are worried about the smell of the seeds, you can add desiccant to prevent mold.

Keep in mind that cannabis seeds are delicate and fragile, and can easily be damaged by overwatering. Ideally, you should see sprouting within a week or so. However, there is no guarantee of success with seeds – sometimes they’ll sprout very quickly, and some will die out. To make sure that your cannabis seeds have the best chance of survival, purchase them from a reputable source. The company should have a long track record of success and have positive reviews on various platforms.

Cannabis seeds should be kept in a dark cupboard or drawer. Avoid opening the container frequently. If you do not want to risk damaging your seeds, you can place them in a refrigerator. These seeds will last longer if they’re stored properly. The seeds should be stored in a dark place, but not in the fridge. A dark cupboard will prevent the seeds from being exposed to light. If you’re worried about them becoming moldy, you can always put them in a dark place for several months.

Cannabis seeds should be kept in an airtight container. You can use mason jars or zip-sealed bags for storage. To keep the seeds from being damaged by moisture, you should place the container in an area with low humidity. Cotton balls can also help absorb moisture. For extra protection, you can use Boveda packs. These bags are specifically designed for cannabis seed storage. They are reusable and can last for many years.

Cannabis seeds can live for up to five years in proper conditions. However, the germination rate decreases with age. Thus, if you’re buying high-quality seeds, use them as soon as possible. Good seeds can live up to two years at room temperature. Proper storage can help extend their lifespan. If you buy high-quality seeds, they can last anywhere from one to five years. The amount of time that cannabis seeds last depends on their quality and care.