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how does the potency of modern marijuana compare to marijuana from the 1970s?

How Does the Potency of Modern Marijuana Compare to Marijuana From the 1970s?

In the late 1970s, potency of cannabis was low, but with the advent of legalized recreational marijuana in California, other states began legalizing the drug for medical use. As a result, marijuana was bred to become much stronger, and by the early 2000s the average THC content had risen to around 12 percent. This is now a 57 percent increase over 1970s levels, which makes modern marijuana much more potent than the drug was in the ’70s. ny medical marijuana card online reviews

While there is no single study on marijuana potency, the federal government has been testing it for more than four decades. These studies have long acknowledged their limitations. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has relied on law enforcement seizures to obtain samples of cannabis. But as the cannabis industry has become increasingly high-tech, potency of marijuana continues to rise. This review will highlight the latest trends in marijuana potency and compare them with marijuana from the 1970s.

Cannabis in the 1960s was much less potent and illegally imported. It was often smoked as a whole plant, and was not as potent as it is today. People smoking marijuana then were not smoking only the high-THC parts of the plant. But now, marijuana is backed by more research and has public acceptance. In the future, we’ll see whether marijuana’s potency is safe and effective.

Increasing THC levels in marijuana is a result of several factors. First of all, marijuana breeders are eager to find the best new strains. They are combining and blending existing strains to create new ones with a higher THC content. This is another way to manipulate potency. For example, Godfather OG, a strain with 34% THC, is far more potent than marijuana that was cultivated 20 years ago.

Secondly, growing methods have changed. Unlike in the 1970s, cannabis in modern times is grown in hydroponic systems. These systems use nutrient-rich solutions in order to grow marijuana. This not only increased the potency of the product but also cut down the time it took to get it from the grower to the consumer. This means that the marijuana we consume today is far more potent than it was thirty years ago.

Another major difference in the potency of cannabis has to do with the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of the strains. This is because of the differences in the compounds present in marijuana, and there are strains that are more effective for certain ailments than others. While some patients benefit from indica varieties for relaxation and sleep, others may find that these strains cause PTSD symptoms. Moreover, terpene levels can affect the immune system, causing some individuals to have allergic reactions to the different strains.