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how does marijuana affect sleep

How Does Marijuana Affect Sleep?

Marijuana is an effective insomnia treatment for many adults, and research has shown that it can improve sleep quality and help people fall asleep. But many marijuana studies have been small and have focused on other conditions, such as the effects of marijuana on anxiety. A recent study involving marijuana and sleep has found that both conditions improved after one month of treatment. But it’s still unclear if marijuana is truly helpful for sleep. And, while it may help people with insomnia, it’s important to note that marijuana is not a cure-all, and that it can worsen some sleep problems. marijuana card ny anxiety

Using marijuana before bedtime may also prevent a person from having lucid, dreamy dreams. Since dreams occur during REM sleep, cannabis use before bedtime reduces the amount of time spent in REM sleep, which is the most vivid. In addition, the disruption of REM may lead to a return of insomnia after long-term use. In general, it’s not recommended to use marijuana as a sleep aid in order to avoid these health risks.

Other studies suggest that cannabis use may disturb sleep in those who smoke it only before bed. The most common sleep disturbances among MJ users are related to altered neural substrates. However, further research is needed to determine how potency may influence sleep. The most important question for marijuana users is whether or not a user can sleep without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. As marijuana use increases the risk of depression, it may interfere with the quality of sleep.

There are a variety of strains of marijuana that can be used as a sleeping aid. These are typically recommended by Harvard-trained physician Dr. Jordan Tishler. In general, strains with less than 20 percent THC will produce a calming effect while strains with a higher amount may make a person groggy. Marijuana is ingested through smoking, but there are also some strains that are more relaxing than others. A few THC-rich tinctures can be placed under the tongue.

While medical cannabis is not a substitute for a good night’s sleep, some individuals swear by marijuana to help them fall asleep. It does have some adverse effects, but its popularity makes it an excellent alternative for chronic pain sufferers. However, cannabis is not a long-term solution for insomnia, so it’s important to choose a strain carefully. If you’re wondering how marijuana affects sleep, start with a small dose first and work your way up.

Interestingly, CBD and THC have different effects on sleep. High CBD doses are stimulatory while low-THC doses can help people fall asleep. CBD, on the other hand, is sedating. Studies in animals have shown that low doses of CBD have an energizing effect. Interestingly, CBD is associated with a decrease in slow-wave sleep, and this may have an affect on how marijuana affects sleep.