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how do you say marijuana in spanish

How Do You Say Marijuana in Spanish?

Are you curious how to say marijuana in Spanish? The translation is “Mary Jane,” which means marijuana. This word is also called “mota,” and it is pronounced like the English word, moe-tha. Learn how to say marijuana in Spanish in this article. You’ll be on your way to becoming a fluent Spanish speaker in no time! But first, let’s learn a few Spanish words for marijuana. getting ny state medical marijuana card

Marijuana has been around for centuries. While it’s still a banned substance in many countries, it was first known as cannabis. Marihuana was used in the United States in the early twentieth century as a drug. The word “marijuana” was borrowed from Spanish in the U.S. in an attempt to ‘play off’ anti-immigrant sentiment. Marijuana is also used as a scientific name for marijuana in many countries.