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Heart Disease and Marijuana

The authors of a recent study found that people with a history of cardiovascular disease were more likely to use marijuana than those without a history of heart disease. According to the study, this association could result in a higher risk for heart disease in marijuana users. In addition, cannabis users were more likely to have psychiatric comorbidities, such as mood, anxiety, and personality disorders. These people also experienced a higher risk of suicide. can i buy marijuana in california with a ny medical card

While the new administration is attempting to embrace progressive positions, the rules for drug testing are still restrictive. Former marijuana users are not allowed to work in the White House, and the Obama administration had strict guidelines requiring that anyone with a history of marijuana use not only be six months old, but must also have used the drug two or three times in the past year. The new guidelines will apply to all of these individuals, but some critics say the new policy could lead to a culture clash.

The new guidelines recommend that marijuana users should stop using it during pregnancy. This is because marijuana can have confounding effects on a woman’s health, especially if she is a mother. Marijuana smokers are exposed to the same respiratory and carcinogenic toxins as other tobacco users. However, the concentrations of these toxins are many times higher than those found in tobacco smoke. In addition to the risks associated with marijuana use, the adverse social conditions of the woman who uses the drug may also contribute to adverse outcomes.