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according to becker, why do marijuana smokers enjoy using the drug

Becker’s Outsiders

Marijuana use has been rising among adults. Becker argues that the lack of severe withdrawal symptoms, and the fact that the drug brings pleasure, are driving forces behind the rising use of marijuana. Prohibitionist policies, such as those that restrict access to marijuana, have been ineffective at discouraging use. In addition, marijuana’s market has exploded with a variety of potencies and products, making it easier for people to find a strain that works for them. in ny can you get a medical marijuana card for pain

Despite these criticisms, Becker’s Outsiders was the first novel to evoke a substantial response in audiences. This serendipitous creation struck a chord in the early sixties, but his other signature works didn’t take root in such fertile soil. Although he rejects criticism of his work, Becker explains his failure to establish a hierarchy of credibility and the lack of societal acceptance of his work.

The basic model developed by Becker can be applied to a variety of types of human behavior. He distinguishes four areas for research: family and household behaviors, criminal behavior, and discrimination in labor markets. The basic model is based on the assumption that human behavior is rational and aims at maximizing a specific objective function. Although his research focuses on economics, it has been applied to many other areas, including human behavior, and has led to important insights in many fields.